Do I have to pay sales tax in my state?

In June of 2018, the US Supreme Court revised the laws with reference to the collection of sales tax by online stores. Individual states can now require online retailers to collect state sales tax on the goods they sell. The majority of states in the US now require that we collect sales tax.

The sales tax rate you pay depends on the laws in your state, county and in some cases city. Some states classify nutritional supplements as food replacements which means they're tax exempt or taxed at a lower rate than the regular sales tax rate.

Sales Tax For Resellers

If you resell the products you buy from us you may not need to pay tax. We will require you submit a valid resale certificate for your state and demonstrate that you're buying in bulk for resale. This will only need to be done once, then future orders will not have sales tax added. Please contact us for details.

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