Refer Your Friends to Earn 500 Points

You can earn 500 reward points for every friend you refer to M&S! You can then use those points to get free products/gear or discounts on your order.

Here's how it works:

  1. Give your friend your referral code or link (more details below)
  2. Send them over to M&S
  3. You get 500 points when they place their first order after clicking your link or entering your code

How to Refer Your Friends

Step 1 - Create an Account

To get started you'll first need to create an M&S Account. Once you have an account you'll be assigned a unique code and link you can give to your friends.

Step 2 - Get Your Unique Code/Link

Now you have an account you'll need to get your unique referral code and link so you can start handing the out to your friends. To access your code simple login to your account and navigate to the "My Referrals" page. Scroll down to the bottom.

Step 3 - Give Your Code or Link to Your Friends

Using Your Referral Code

Most people use their unique code to refer their friends. Your code should look something like this: JSMITH3. Your friend will need to enter your code when they create an account. There are 2 places you can create an account on the site. The account creation page and the "thank you" page which shows after you successfully complete and order.

Note - It's important your friend enters your code in one of these places so we know to credit your account with 500 points!

Thank You Page

Account Creation Page

Using Your Referral Link

You also have the option of giving a unique referral link to your friends. When your friends click/tap this link they will arrive at the M&S Store and your referral code will be saved in their browser. When they place their first order with us your account with be credited with 500 reward points.

Still having trouble referring your friends? Feel free to chat, email or call us. Details below.

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