How we keep Muscle & Strength safe and secure

We use the highest quality industry standard security technology and internal best practices to ensure your transaction on Muscle & Strength is safe and secure. Our website is 100% PCI compliant and scanned regularly by a leading third party security scanning provider for potential security issues.


SSL Encryption Technology uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to ensure that your payment details are encrypted before being sent for processing.

Modern browsers will show you the security padlock icon when browsing Muscle & Strength. You can click/tap this icon to see live details about our security certificate.

You can read more about SSL here

PCI Compliance Scanning

We partner with Security Metrics, a leading provider of security scanning, data security and PCI compliance solutions. Security Metrics scans Muscle & Strength regularly to ensure the site is secure and PCI compliant.

You can check the status of our most recent scan by clicking the badge below:


Best Practice Security Policies

In addition to using the best available technology for encryption and regular external scanning of Muscle & Strength, we also use best practice internal security policies and monitoring tools to ensure our site is safe and secure.

Fraud Screening & Monitoring

Every order placed at Muscle & Strength is scanned using the latest fraud detection software. This software is able to detect and deny fraudulent transactions in real-time.

If necessary, orders are manually reviewed by our experienced team and additional information requested. 

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