Are The Products on Muscle & Strength 100% Genuine?

In some parts of the world it's common to find fake supplements for sale. These products are created to look identical to the real thing but do not contain the ingredients listed on the nutrition panel. Taking these supplements will not help you with your fitness goals and could be dangerous to your health.

Many major brands have implemented apps and tools to help customers check their products are genuine. A great example of this is the Verify App by Muscletech. You can download this app and scan the code on the bottle to ensure it is genuine.

Every Product We Sell Is 100% Genuine

Large supplement brands will only partner with big distributors and retailers. This means many international distributors and resellers buy their products through "middle man". Creators of fake products often act as middle men to introduce their products to the market.

Muscle & Strength only buys directly from brands. We never buy from distributors, marketplaces or resellers. If we want to stock a brand in our store we build a direct relationship with them. This is how we're able to offer the best deals and pricing (see below) in the industry, great relationships and no middle men!

Most of the brands we sell have M&S listed as a partner on their "where to buy" pages on their own websites. Also, if you follow M&S on social media or watch our videos you'll see our collaborations with well-known athletes from many of the brands we carry. 

Deals So Good They Must Be Fake!

We often have people asking us "this is too good to be true, is this fake or a scam??". Nope, we're able to offer the deals we do because we have great relationships with the brands we sell. As mentioned above, we only buy directly from the brands (and in large quantities to keep the cost down). We pass these saving onto our customers.

Still not convinced?

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